Skin Care Therapies

Customized TLC Facial

| 60 minutes | $75 |

We all want healthy, radiant skin and some tender loving care. This skin care treatment is designed to address YOUR unique skin type and concerns while utilizing enzymes and antioxidants focusing on stimulating cellular turnover, repair, and increasing circulation. This treatment is a perfect blend of results and relaxation to bring out your inner glow!

Express TLC Facial

| 30 minutes | $45 |

Need a quick fix, but, short on time?   Then, the Express TLC is perfect for you.   You will experience all the great benefits of the Customized TLC Facial but performed in half the time!  In just 30 minutes, your mind, skin and soul will be relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated.  Includes scalp and hand/arm massage.

Anti-Acne Facial

| 60 minutes | $75 |

Acne can occur at any age and range in different types.  Acneic skin has breakouts and possible lesions that leave your skin inflamed and sensitive. This gentle but clinically effective treatment utilizes powerful enzymes, extractions, high frequency, and a calming mask to assist in unclogging pores, soothing inflammation, healing existing lesions and preventing future breakouts.  Includes relaxing scalp and arm/hand massage but no facial massage. (Massage stimulates sebaceous glands which produce more oil, which in turn produces more acne breakouts.)  Adults and teenagers will benefit from this treatment.  Proper at-home skin care and nutrition are discussed during treatment.

Pure Radiance Ultimate TLC Facial

| 90 minutes | $125 |

This skin care therapy is 90 minutes of pure bliss, incorporating all the bells and whistles to take you on a journey of pure relaxation and well-being.  This highly effective facial takes the Customized TLC facial to the next level of skin rejuvenation by utilizing microdermabrasion, electroporation/microcurrent/radio frequency and LED light therapy for dramatic anti-aging results that will leave your skin firmer, brighter, younger looking and more radiant. Also, includes eye treatment and paraffin hand treatment.

Back Facial

| 60 minutes | $65|

Give your back the spotlight it deserves with a facial on the flipside.  This purifying back facial includes deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, specialized mask, and warm towel treatment.